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The Best Winter Tire Packages in Saskatoon

When it comes to seasonal tire changes, ENS Toyota is the authority on winter tires. Find the perfect package for your vehicle in minutes when you browse online or stop by the dealership.

Snow is Coming. Secure Winter Tire Deals Now.

This winter, don’t take the risk of believing your all-season tires are indeed all season. Compared to winter tires, all-season tires with a tread worn below 50% lose their ability to take sharp turns safely. Your risk of an accident increases when you slide all over the road, oversteering and understeering.
Improve your reaction time and achieve new confidence levels and control on the snowy and icy Saskatoon roads this winter. Winter tire packages from ENS Toyota are your ticket to better traction for every drive down every road.
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Why a Winter Wheel Package is Best

Four wheels optimized for winter conditions. Four tires are balanced, mounted, and ready to attach right to your vehicle. Creating your winter tire package with ENS Toyota is easy. When the sun comes back out, switching to spring tires is just as simple.

Special Material

Special Materials

Winter wheels are crafted with unique winter-ready compounds that stay soft for maximum traction, even in freezing temperatures.
Winter Tire Tread

Terrific Tread

Our winter tires have tread block designs made to be tough on snow, ice, and slush like no all-season tire can.
low cost

Low-Cost Convenience

Winter weather packages are the cost-effective, convenient, risk-free way to equip your car for a long, slick season. So do winter right this year. Buy the best winter tires from ENS Toyota.
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Winter Tires Saskatoon Weather Can’t Beat

Not all winter wheels are created equal. Here we will help you understand tire types for winter in an easy-to-understand manner.


studded tires

Studded Tires

Studded snow tires can be outfitted with an optional metal stud designed to enhance ice traction. You can use these tires without the studs and still drive smooth in snowy conditions. However, without the studs, these tires underperform on icy surfaces.
When you elect to add the studs, your vehicle’s ice traction will be excellent at the expense of noisiness. Unfortunately, studded tires do damage road surfaces. Because of this, many provinces restrict them to wintertime use from October to April.
Studdless tires

Studless Tires

For most Saskatoon drivers, studless winter tires are the gold standard. Instead of relying on metal studs in the tread, studless snow tires utilize unique rubber compounding technologies, tread designs, and other modern innovations.
In freezing temperatures, your all-season tire’s rubber becomes stiff and unable to bend toward irregularities on the road. Studless winter tires maintain the necessary flexibility in cold weather to adapt to slushy, hazardous conditions.
Studless tires also have deeper tread depths than all-season tires. These Deep tread depths allow the tire to manage snow and ice dispersion from under the tire.


High Performance Winter Tires

Performance Winter Tires

Performance winter tires trade deep snow traction for optimal performance on open roads. It was originally designed for use on clear roads in cold weather on European highways where high-speed driving and traction on snow-covered roads are combined.
Performance winter tires don’t thrive in deep snow like conventional winter tires but offer significantly better dry and wet weather handling. In cold winter months with relatively little snow, this is a great option.
LT Tires

LT Tires

If you’re just trying to put some safe tires on your Camry or Corolla, you don’t have to worry about LT tires.
LT tires are for heavy-duty applications. The tires are specially designed to carry heavy loads and handle high inflation pressures. Higher pressure increases the tire’s load capacity. However, it is the air inside the tire that carries the load, so an LT tire with a lower load rating in some cases may still carry more than its P-metric counterparts. Refer to the tire placard or owner’s manual to confirm whether your vehicle requires LT tires.

Benefits of Buying Winter Tire Packages

If you’re looking to save money and time while boosting safety and performance, purchasing a winter tire package is the way to go.


low cost

Lower Cost

Seasonal tire changes can save you a lot of money. When your tires are mounted, wheel changing uses less manpower and becomes cheaper. Our customers typically save ~$120 a year or ~$360-$480 over 3-4 years.
Enhanced Durability

Enhanced Durability

The optimal winter wheel package is a smaller diameter wheel with tires that have a taller sidewall. This sidewall maintains the same overall tire and wheel assembly diameter, safeguarding your tires.
Fast Service

Fast Service

The changeover from all-season tires to winter tires is quicker than you might think. We strive to save you 30-45 minutes of your valuable time.
Protect Your Vehicle

Protects Your Vehicle

During the winter and shivery spring, you’re more likely to hit a pothole, drive off the road, and damage your low-profile, all-season tires. This leads to costly replacements, fixes, and, even worse, injury.

Why ENS Toyota?

ENS Toyota is Saskatoon’s dealership for the best winter tires. We are devoted to our customers, our community and selling the most durable and affordable winter tire packages possible.
Our customer testimonials speak for themselves: when we’re your dealership once, we become your dealership for life!


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