What to Know When Buying a Used Honda Civic

October 1st, 2021 by

What to Know When Buying a Used Honda Civic

A used Honda Civic remains one of the most reliable cars on the market, especially in Saskatchewan. The car offers excellent qualities, from quality safety features to high fuel economy.

The Honda Civic has been one of the most popular cars on the market for years now. Many car owners prefer the Honda Civic because it’s a smooth-handling vehicle with up-to-date technology that guarantees a smooth ride. The car’s interior has seen tremendous redesigning in the interior and exterior, significantly improving its style and utility. As such, a used Honda for sale is still an ideal choice, and it will stand out on the roads today. If a used Honda Civic for sale in Saskatoon was on your shopping list, it’s worth every penny. Read on for more insights.


Why is a used Honda Civic such a popular choice? 

Here is what we found for you:


Safety and Security

All Honda Civics come with a list of standard safety features, including lane departure warning, intelligent speed assist, traffic control recognition, lane-keeping assist, and automatic emergency braking. You’ll also get anti-lock brakes and ESP with the electronic brake-force distribution. In fact, Euro NCAP awarded Honda Civics with a five-star rating following its safety tests. However, when you closely compare the individual category scores with some of the best in class, such as the Corolla, the Honda Civic has some catching up to do. In the Civic, the passengers in the rear and the adults in the front are more exposed to neck and chest injuries in case of a crash.

Fuel Economy

The Honda Civic cars are arguably one of the most fuel-efficient cars you can purchase in the market. Generally, these vehicles offer miles per gallon returns at an average of about 40 for the petrol engines. On the other hand, diesel engines are universally lauded for offering 75 mpg. The 1.6 diesel engines Honda Civics are also a bit more lively than the rest.

Cost of Ownership

The Honda Civic has relatively low ownership costs, which gives it a strong reliability rating. On average, you’ll spend about $368 on repairs and maintenance annually. You’ll only need to take your used Honda Civic to the shop approximately 0.2 times annually. Additionally, you are less likely to deal with big repairs compared to most compact car owners. However, Corolla owners are less likely to face significant repair issues than Civic.

Used Honda Civic vs a Used Toyota Corolla

Generally, the Corolla seems to impress more buyers due to the several improvements in many areas that somehow overshadow the Civic. For instance, the Corolla is surprisingly more capable of better handling, has more improved cabin materials, and you can use the infotainment system with ease than the Honda Civic’s. Additionally, the Corolla has an extensive list of advanced safety features. You also enjoy a comfortable, high-quality ride and high fuel economy in the Corolla.

The Honda Civic has a relatively good amount of tech features that are easy to use. You’ll also love the rapid acceleration and the attractive designs both on the outside and inside. However, the occasional false alarm can be distracting, and the front seat lacks lumbar support.

If you haven’t made up your mind about a used Honda Saskatoon, then you can have the confidence to make it your next car. Feel free to contact us and shop for your used Honda now. We also have a service department to keep your vehicle in perfect condition.