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Toyota Tacoma for Sale in Saskatoon, SK

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Toyota Tacoma for Sale in Saskatoon, SK

You deserve a truck that has been carefully developed to offer drivers an experience that sets itself up as a driving companion you can rely on. This is precisely what the Toyota Tacoma offers modern drivers – with features that go above and beyond and reward each and every person with the possibility to do more and to enjoy the experience on the road even more than you thought possible. Of course, that’s what Toyota is all about – creating vehicles that go against convention and get you what you deserve, time and time again. Our selection of Toyota Tacoma for sale is certainly going to impress. After all, we want you to know that you have what you need when you work with the Ens Toyota team – and thanks to the Tacoma – that is precisely what you’ll find with our dedicated team of professionals. With the Tacoma you’ll receive a standard of truck that goes above and beyond. Note that even the base model comes with the fantastic 2.7-Litre 4-cylinder engine for 159 horsepower and 180 lb-ft of torque. Add to this the fact that you’ll have a towing capacity of 1,590 kg (3,500 lb) and seating for 4 and it will become clear why the Tacoma is one of the favourite light-duty trucks on the market today.

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Find the right Toyota Tacoma for sale when you choose to work with Ens Toyota. The Tacoma is available in 5 models, including options for 4x2 and 4x4 drive train types. These are vehicles that want you to be able to get out of your comfort zone and really experience the roads ahead. If you want to step up to a more powerful engine, well, you’re in luck! The Tacoma is available with the fantastic 3.5-Litre V6 engine with the power that you can rely on – 278 horsepower, specifically. This is further supported by improved towing capacity and a variety of additional features. Find out more today at Ens Toyota.