The Toyota Corolla 2021 Takes Safety to a New Level

June 23rd, 2021 by

Lane Departure Alert

Toyota Corolla – Standard Safety Features Explained

Safety features are some of the most important specs when a new car rolls off the factory line. Still, now that safety features are integrated with smart technology and creating new industry standards, they are even more attractive to buyers. Toyota safety features are making a big leap this year as Toyota unveils its Safety Sense 2.0 upgrade, which will come standard on all 2021 Toyota Corollas.

The new upgraded safety package includes several innovative features that will make traditional buyers quickly take a closer look at Toyota for their next vehicle. Offering some of the best safety features in a sedan, here is what is included in the standout Toyota Safety Sense 2.0 package.

Experience the Ease of Dynamic Radar Cruise Control (DRCC)

Dynamic Radar Cruise Control is one of the stand-out features from Toyota and one of the best safety features in a sedan on the market right now. The innovative sensor system automatically uses front cameras and sensors strategically placed under the grille of your Toyota to estimate the difference between your vehicle and the vehicle in front of you. It uses that information to adjust the vehicle’s speed to match by either accelerating or decelerating without requiring any additional input from the driver and is extremely useful when there are sudden traffic changes.

Prevent Drifting with Lane Departure Alert (LDA)

The Toyota Corolla safety feature that is super popular among the younger Canadian driver is the standard Toyota safety feature. The 2021 Corolla offers Lane Departure Alert, a standard feature in all 2021 Toyota Corollas.

The Lane Departure Alert helps target one of the leading causes of traffic accidents: lane drifting. Distracted driving levels are at an all-time high, and it has become a daily occurrence to read or hear an article about an accident caused by a vehicle drifting out of their lane. Toyota’s inclusion of lane departure alert in every Corolla aims to change that.

This unique feature uses radar and sensory technology to detect if the vehicle drifts out of its lane when turn signals are not in use. In simple terms, LDA can tell if you start to veer out of your lane and immediately activate steering assist, which will automatically correct the situation and notify the driver. Sometimes a simple reminder is all a distracted driver needs to get back on the road, and even good drivers sometimes drift when their attention shifts for a second to a phone call, a business meeting, etc. LDA ensures that if your mind drifts, your car does not. Road edge detection is also built into lane departure alert technology to ensure that your vehicle remains safely on the road at all times.

Driving Reimagined By Lane Tracing Assist

Lane tracing assist is an extension of the lane departure alert and is utilized when the car is in DRCC mode. The point of the assist is to ensure the vehicle stays within its marked line while travelling at a set speed. However, drivers should be aware that lane tracing assist is not meant to be a substitute for driving and is not an autonomous driving function. Your hands need to remain on the wheel at all times and your eyes on the road, but lane tracing assist and DRCC are both great backups that are designed to function as safety nets while on the road.

Avoid Impact with the Innovative Toyota Pre-Collision System

Toyota safety features are built around the premise that you shouldn’t be worried about surviving a collision – you should be worried about preventing one. While the 2021 Toyota Corrolla range of vehicles are packed with 10 airbags, and other safety features should you be in an accident, it also features an innovative pre-collision system designed to keep you from ever needing to use them. The pre-collision system alerts the driver if it senses that a frontal collision is imminent. If the driver does not brake quickly or hard enough, the system will automatically add its own braking force. Depending on the situation and the driver response, the Safety Sense system may also automatically apply the brake. It also can sense if pedestrians or bikers are crossing the pathway in front of a vehicle.

Sneaky Vehicles are No Match for This Blind Spot Monitor

The current package of Toyota Corolla safety features also comes equipped with a blind spot monitor system. The Blind Spot Monitoring system lets you know if any vehicles are sneaking up behind you that may not appear in your side-view mirror. The blind spot monitor also incorporates a rear cross-traffic alert that lets you know if there is cross-traffic passing behind you that you may not be able to see while reversing into a roadway or out of a parking spot.

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