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How to Program Toyota Homelink Garage Door Opener - Rolling Code (Canada)

This video shows your how-to program your Toyota HomeLink garage door opener. The first portion explains both steps, without a rolling code and with a rolling code!

Confused, don't be! This is a very simple 2-minute video that shows both steps. Once you complete it a single time, you'll know how to do it for every Toyota vehicle!

How To Setup Bluetooth On A Toyota With A Samsung

Delivery coordinator at Ens Toyota explains how to setup a Samsung smartphone to a 2017 Toyota.

How To Setup Toyota Bluetooth With A iPhone

Delivery coordinator at Ens Toyota setting up Bluetooth with an iPhone on a 2017 Tacoma.

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How to program power lift gate height in a Toyota Sport Utility

This video shows how to program the lift gate height on all Toyota Sport Utility Vehicles that have a power lift gate option.

This applies to Rav4, Highlander, Venza, Sequoia, Sienna, etc.

Simply open the lift gate, physically move it to the position you'd like to program and press-and-hold the open/close button for 3 seconds. You'll hear multiple beeps to confirm it's programmed and you're ready to roll!

How To Unlock Locked Steering Wheel

Delivery coordinator Stephanie and product advisor Rob Paterson troubleshoot on how to unlock a locked steering wheel.

How To Start A Vehicle With A Dead Keyfob

Product Advisor Tim Kurtenbach from Ens Auto demonstrates on an 2016 Avalon, how to start vehicle with a dead keyfob.

Find Your Toyota Maintenance Schedule

Stephanie the delivery coordinator at Ens Auto explains where to find your maintenance menu on the Toyota website.

Using Toyota Audio System

Delivery coordinator Stephanie from Ens Auto goes through the new Toyota audio system.

Toyota Navigation System

This video shows you how to type in an address into a Toyota navigation system. When you are driving you can not type in an address.

Bluetooth Setup On A 2013 Toyota Sienna

Ens Auto delivery coordinator runs through the Bluetooth process on a 2013 Sienna van.

Toyota Voice Command Help Video

Delivery coordinator Stephanie at Ens Auto gives a tutorial on Voice Command feature.

Preparing Your Toyota For Winner

Dennis Milhousen a product advisor from Ens Auto explaining how to prepare your Toyota for winter!

How To Program Your Toyota Memory Seat

Justin Hunt at Ens Toyota explaining how to program your Toyota Memory Seats.

Check out our new Ens Auto Delivery Coordinator page for more helpful tips! @ensautodeliverycoordinator