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It’s easy to say we bought from Ens Toyota because they had the precise car that met our needs – while that’s true,… there are other reasons why we purchased a car from this dealership. Over the last weeks and months we’ve visited a number of dealerships in the Regina area where we are live, but no one seemed to address our concerns. Some sales people took our names, but never followed through, including the local Regina Toyota dealership. It’s difficult to be loyal to a sales person if they don’t follow up or if they make false promises with no follow through – we felt pretty much on our own. During a visit Saskatoon we took the opportunity to visit the Toyota dealership – and we not only found the right car, but a company who wanted to earn our business and to prove that the customers matters. We found Ens Toyota to be much more service oriented,… considering the out-lay of money buying a vehicle, this experience was positive, the two and a half hour drive to Saskatoon was definitely worth our while. The friendly, professional service we received was unlike any of the other dealerships over the past weeks. We’d like to acknowledge Kevin, Darin, and Peter who all took the time and stepped it up to assure us they wanted our business. Our experience has proven Ens Toyota was something we wouldn’t hesitate to recommend to family, friends, and associates in Saskatchewan as a place to buy, because they want your business.

Bob Donnelly

a month ago

Just a bought a 2020 RAV4 from Ens a few weeks ago. I had the best buying experience I could have asked for... starting with the fabulous sales associate Ryan Derksen. He found me a vehicle I loved, didn’t try to up sell me on anything I didn’t want or need, and kept in touch after the sale to make sure I was happy with my purchase. He was super knowledgeable during the test drive, making the delivery coordinator Peter’s job easy when I picked up my new vehicle a few days later, after they added the block heater and aftermarket remote starter (which Ryan got me a deal on as part of the sale price). Also dealing with Ron about our financing was awesome too... he explained in detail the costs, including the price of the extended warranty and vehicle protection (ie undercoating/paint protection, etc) options without being pushy in any way, and got me a better interest rate than Toyota was offering by going through one of the banks I deal with (he did all the work, I just had to sign some papers). There weren’t any extra fees or major surprises when it came time to sign the loan paperwork so I was super happy - they did a really good job of explaining the payments, etc. before I even made my decision to buy my ride. I did have a small issue pop up with my new ride, the passenger sun visor mirror kept falling out. Ryan had me stop by and they took a quick look at it to see what the problem was (without having to make an actual appointment). As it needed replacement, they ordered the part that day and set up an appointment for a couple of days later, when they replaced the visor (including doing warranty documentation), washed my vehicle, and had me back on the road within 45 minutes. Super happy with my dealings with the dealership so far and would recommend them highly to others.

Christine McKechnie

a month ago

Ens was (by far) the best dealership I have ever dealt with in Saskatoon. Everyone was so kind, informative and laid back. Rob (sales), Andrea (finance) and Stephanie (walk-through) made sure the whole process was seamless from test driving, to purchasing and finally picking up my new RAV4. Couldn't rate my experience here more highly.

Kimberly MacKay

9 months ago

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