Express Lube

Express Lube is available Monday-Friday 7:30AM-4:00PM and Saturday 9:00AM-4:00PM.

What is a ‘Quick-Check

Our state-of-the-art quick-check system is specifically engineered to save you time when visiting our Service Department. It automatically completes a basic assessment of your vehicle to ensure your vehicle is safe & serviced, all while saving your time & money!

Express Lube

An Oil and Filter Service Featuring:

  • Free ‘Quick-Check’ included
  • Wheel alignment assessment
  • Tire tread depth check
  • Multi-point vehicle inspection
  • Full 360° exterior vehicle scan & video
  • Full recall search automatically


When is the Express Lube Open?

Monday-Friday from 7:30AM to 4:30PM, Saturday from 9:00AM to 4:00PM

Do I need an appointment for an oil change?

No! Our Express Lube is available Monday-Saturday with no appointment necessary.

I don’t drive a Toyota, can I still use the Express Lube?

Yes! We service nearly all makes and models in our Express Lube.
*see a Service Advisor for details

What does an oil change cost?

We’re priced competitively to ensure you get the best bang-for-your-buck, every time. Pricing varies by vehicle, so just send us an email or give us a call if you’d like a quote. (Services start at $84.95*)

How long does it take?

That really depends on how busy we are, but our target time for each oil change is only 30 minutes!

What does it include?

Glad you asked, as we include A TON of extra value services, totally free! This includes our multi-point ‘quick-check’ inspection: we check tire tread depth, wheel alignment and outstanding recalls, to name a few. We also inspect all filters and wear components on top of vacuuming the driver and passenger seating area for every vehicle as well! On top of that, your vehicle exterior is scanned in its entirety to ensure it comes back to you in the exact condition it was when you brought it in!

See this video on our quick-check:

When are the busiest times?

Typically first thing in the morning and just before closing time is our busiest parts of the day.

Do you wash my car?

YES! We have a touchless car wash that every service vehicle is run-through unless requested otherwise.

What else do I get?

FREE COFFEE! On top of that, we also have our own in-house rewards program. Ask one of our service representatives for more information.

What are Dealer Rewards?

It’s like a cash-back rewards card that you can use towards your next service or vehicle purchase. Click here: to check your balance

Why should I bring my vehicle to Ens for an oil change?

On top of all the extra value-added services we’ve listed above, our technicians are Factory trained to ensure the highest quality of service. We’re Saskatchewan’s ONLY Platinum Certified Toyota dealer for customer satisfaction, which earned us the 2016 Toyota Pinnacle Award for outstanding customer service. We pride ourselves on the level of trust we build with all of our clients by explaining everything thoroughly. In addition, we won’t sell you something you don’t need.

Can I book an appointment?

Yes, you can still book an appointment if you’d prefer.

Where do I go when I arrive for the Express Lube?

Simply pull up to the door the shows ‘Express Lube’ in the Ens Toyota Service Department. The door to LANE #1 will automatically open when you get close, and you’ll be directed towards our quick-check when you get inside the three-lane drive through. From there, one of our Express Lube Service Advisors will assist you!

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